Meet the Dream Team

Joey Arvidson,

Sr. Sales Manager

Head Sales Guy at

Billy Merritt Marketing & DigiNinja

I always knew that I would be a salesman. My dad and my grandpa are two of the best salesmen I have known and were great mentors. I got into sales in 1996. I have held positions as salesperson to finance to GSM. I was also top salesperson in 350 Badcock Home Furnishings & More Stores after which I opened a car lot and ran it for a year. Then I got the call the call from Billy saying that he had finished his book and was ready to take it to the market. So we did. He would drive to the events and I was the call center in the passenger seat. 

Biggest Accomplishment: Starting this thing with Billy. Knowing we were onto something special.

Favorite Activity: Spending time with my three children.

Chad Walker Gay

Sr. Event Facilitator

Closer Supreme for Billy Merritt Marketing Events

I have been with Billy Merritt Marketing since August 2018. I have a beautiful wife of 15 years, 4 kids and 3 grandkids. I have been in sales since I was 18 and from my first car sale I knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In the last 2 years I have traveled the United States putting into effect the 23 Rules of Text Message Selling. With this we help dealers double their monthly and yearly sales production. My favorite quote is "Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself" I take this to heart and I'm always reading and training to keep my skills on point!

Biggest Accomplishment: My marriage of 15 years! 

Favorite Activity: Taking my son fishing and spending as much time as possible with the three granddaughters.

Sarah Stalker,

VP of Most Things

Multi-Tasker and Problem Solver at Billy Merritt Marketing & DigiNinja


I loved advertising & marketing and knew I would do that someday. I have degrees from KU and reside in sunny Colorado. Making our clients and customers happy is my passion. Billy and I have been the co-creators of DigiNinja, which is super exciting! I am the Director of the Ads Department with the best team ever and dabble in all the things that cross my path. I love to multi-task and I love to be involved in change. I am a doer. And who knew? I love creating tech just about as much as seeing $2 leads.

Biggest Accomplishment: DigiNinja. I have lived and breathed it.

Favorite activity: Grabbing the family and rushing out before sunset, and driving to the best views in the world.

Scott Hopkins

Strategic Partner

All Around automotive all star and success road mapper for Billy Merritt Marketing

Scott started in the car business in 1994. In 1997, he moved to finance where he became very knowledgeable in special finance. Scott continued to move up in the industry, and in the year 2000, bought his first dealership in Texarkana, TX which included Pontiac, Cadillac, Nissan and Mercedes franchises. Scott remained a dealer for more than seven years, touting a CSI rating of over 90% for his entire tenure. Scott consistently led the class in average Per-Retail Deal and Obsolescence and went on to found one the country's leading automotive marketing firms, HRI which has been solving thousands of dealers' problems for more than 13 years.  Scott always looks at every situation from a dealer or General Manager’s perspective and brings real measurable results. He boasts an average increase in net profit of more than 30% per client as well as a substantial increase in service and parts sales.  

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