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Billy Merritt Marketing's Liquidation Nation facilitates the BEST dealership sales and events in the country! 

  • 88% Re-Sign Rate

  • Over 500 Active Dealers

  • Over 1000 Events YTD

  • Over 55,000 Appts 

  • Over 35,000 Cars Sold

  • Best BDC in the USA

  • Radio Spots Available

  • Co-Op Options

  • Event Staff Available

Text messaging has changed how the world communicates. It is vital to your survival in sales.


It is important to understand that regardless of what your product or service is, you are a salesperson, whether your name tag says so or not. Call yourself what you will, look at it how you will...but know that you are selling. And if you are selling you better be texting.

We give out information. Your customer is going to shop around. He or she is going to want information, and if you refuse to give it to them you will lose them to someone who will. Us. We will give them the information after we have wowed them with THE BIG OFFER.


Contact us at Billy Merritt Marketing to find out how we can use the art of text message selling and THE BIG OFFER to make a difference in your business.

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